Steve Harvey Coupon Tips: Couponing Tips for Steve (and YOU!)

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Did you miss the that aired on September 18th? Here are some additional Steve Harvey Coupon Tips that I shared with Steve on the show!

Steve Harvey Coupon Tips

Get Organized

Organize your coupons into sections so that when you go shopping you can easily find the coupon you need for that deal! I organize my coupons into a binder, taking Advil and putting it under the letter A. Some people organize their coupons by putting them in categories Advil would go in medicines.  I even separate my store specific coupons into separate sections, so that I know when I go into Target I flip to my section and there is all my coupons! (Some stores have store coupons that you can stack with other coupons!)

Stack Coupons

What does stack mean? Stacking coupons is where you take a store coupon and pair it with a manufacturer’s coupon to get even more savings on one product. Here is an example you have a Target coupon for $1 off pop tarts and a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off pop tarts. The pop tarts are $3, stack the coupons at Target to pay only $1 for a pack of pop tarts.

How do I know what I can do at a store and which stores can I stack coupons at

Get to know your by going to the store website and searching for their specific coupon policy. Each store Target, Walmart, Walgreen’s, etc… have different coupon policies. Some allow you to stack, some have rewards programs, and each chain of stores are unique.

Sign Up for store Savings Cards or Rewards Cards

Some of the stores that you frequent may have members only sale pricing via savings cards. These savings cards are free to sign up for and are easy to use. When the cashier scans your card is when the savings come off. Some stores that do this in my area are Rite Aid, CVS, and Price Chopper

Load coupons to your store cards

What if I don’t have a printer? Technology is constantly changing it has even affected couponing! Now you are able to add coupons to your store cards online at . Saving Star is a list of coupons that you get to choose from then add directly to your card, once you swipe the card at the cash register is when the coupons come off. Some of the stores that have this are Rite Aid and CVS. Also check with your store websites because sometimes they have store coupons that you can load to your card and stack with manufacturer’s coupons.

Getting multiple copies of coupons

You can do this by purchasing more then one newspaper, using more then one computer (iPad, iPods and iPhones too) to print coupons from, or even asking friends or family members for coupons. I tell everyone that I associate with that I use coupons, so instead of them throwing out unwanted coupons they send them to me. You would be amazed at the amount of coupons I get in one week in my mailbox.

Finding coupons for products that you use

Can’t find a coupon ASK!! I write companies and tell them how much I enjoy their products adding in a compliment and majority of the time they send me coupons! Here is an example:

My family loves to eat your broccoli stuffed chicken for supper, it is delicious and full of lots of flavor! Do you have any money savings coupons that you could send us so we can continue to purchase your products?

Always buy the smallest size possible

Always get the smallest size while following the rules of the coupon. If a coupon states $1 off ANY, that means you can chose anyone you want. Some coupons specify the size and quantity that you have to buy so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Here is an example of why to buy smaller, a 2oz container costs $1, a 10oz container costs $7.  If you have 5 $1 off coupons you can get 5 of the 1oz containers for free. On the 10oz container it will cost you $6 because you can only use one coupon per product!!

                                                                      $1 for 2 oz after coupons get 5 for free

                                                                        $7 for 10oz container after coupons $6

Patience! Wait for a sale to match a coupon to get the most savings

I see time and time again where as soon as the Sunday paper comes out people taking the coupons to the store and redeeming them right then and there, thats what the companies want you to do. You should put your coupons away and wait for the product to go on sale then use the coupon.

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  1. I found this quite fascinating! It seems so hard to believe but, I know other people who use coupons and if it’s done right, they save very well! My problem is how to get it all started! I mean, a lot of coupons don’t work for me because it is not a product I use. I am tired though of spending more than I can afford just to put food on the table. I hope that if you haven’t written a book on this, you will very soon! In this economy, this is a need for everyone to be able to save on food items!

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