Setting up a Coupon Binder

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How to Set up a Coupon Binder

Setting up a coupon binder can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. You have found the right place, today I am going to show you how to set up your couponing binder.

Step 1: Find a binder

When I first started couponing I did not want to spend a lot of money on a binder, because the whole point in coupoing is to save money not spend more! My first binder was an old binder that my son had for school. It really doesn’t matter what the binder looks like just that it is still in working order.

This is my newest binder that Steve Harvey bought for me (because mine was starting to fall apart when I filmed the 2nd appearance)

What is really nice about a zip up binder is that you can bring it with you all over and as long as it is zipped shut nothing falls out. But the price of a zip up is much more higher then the cost of a floppy binder. Here is
for only $10.84.

If you want to wait about a month or so, all of the stores will be putting out their back to school products and you can find zip up binders as low as $5!

Step 2: Deciding how to Organize Your Coupons

This is where you have a choice of how to organize your coupons. Some people organize the coupons from A to Z and some people organize the coupons based on the category they would be found in.


For myself personally I found organizing my coupons from A to Z worked great! In my binder I bought dividers enough for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Each divider gets labeled: one divider labeled A, one divider labeled B and so on. Once I started getting coupons I started putting them in the dividers Advil would go under A, Benadryl under B, Ziploc under Z, and so on.

Some people the A to Z doesn’t work because they found it was easier to use the categories of the products. Where Advil would go under Health and Beauty, Ziploc under Plastic and Paper Products. Organizing the binder this way you still would use the dividers but instead of letters use the categories instead. Categories include but are not limited to: Baby, Beverages, Canned Goods, Frozen, Cleaning, Health and Beauty, Laundry, Misc., Plastic and Paper Products.

This is a personal choice of how to organize your coupons there is no right or wrong way. As long as you are organized you will succeed! I would highly suggest that however you decide to organize your coupons that you use a pencil when labeling so that you can easily erase to change the dividers.

Dividers can be found at Walmart, Target, speciality office supplies stores like Staples, Office Depot, etc and priced at $1.00 for 5 dividers or .80 here

Step 3: Keeping Coupons in the Binder

 Finding something to hold your coupons in your binder is a necessitiy because you do not want them falling all over the place. What I use are baseball card sleeve holders! You can find these at Walmart or Target in the Pokemon Card section for about $10 for 50 of them, or check your Dollar Tree too, some may be found there. These are great because when you open your binder to look for a coupon you can just scan the coupons and then flip to the next page if its not there in front of you.

This is how it looks filled up:

I have had the same baseball card sleeve holders for three years now and they are still just as sturdy as ever.

 Online these are priced at $14.66!

Some people even use

PreMade Binders for Sale

 An easy option I found is the  at $29.88

Portable Binder

On top of using a binder to organize my coupons in my pocket book I also bring a mini sized organizer so that I can have my coupons with me at all times.

I keep all of my store rewards and store coupons in the . Its nice because it fits right in a pocket book. Plan your entire shopping trip and put the coupons in that you will be using so that you don’t lose them.

Whether you use a zippered binder or a floppy binder, organize by categories or by A to Z, you are already taking the first step to saving money. Staying organized is the #1 tip in couponing!


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