Price Chopper Doublers How do they Work?

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Price Chopper Coupon Doublers

Price Chopper doubles manufacturer’s coupons everyday up to .99 so what is all this hype this week about doubling coupons up to a dollar?  This is one of the many questions that I have heard being asked this week. My friend Zoe asked me to write up a refresher course on how the dollar doublers work at Price Chopper because so many people were getting confused. Let’s start with everyday doubling.

Price Chopper Everyday Doubling up to .99 101

Did you know that everyday at Price Chopper any coupon under .99 will double! This means if you have a .99 coupon it will double to $1.98, a .50 coupon will double to $1 and a .30 coupon will double to .60!  Unless there are restrictions on the coupon that state do not double, just be sure to read the fine print. Coupons will double automatically on the cash registers, there is nothing special the cashier has to do. But, I always like to stand next to the register to make sure that they are doubling because. mistakes happen and I want to get the most bang for my cents!  Really the only thing you will have to do is make sure your Price Chopper advantage card gets scanned because without this you will not get the additional savings, the coupons will not double. If you do not have your card the cashier can pull up your card number just by using your license number or if you don’t have a card just register at the customer service desk.

Coupons are limited to four (4) like coupons or like items per household per day. This means you can only use four of the same coupons for example if you have 6 Cat Foods and 5 Dog Foods you can only use four $1 off cat food and four $1 off dog food no more then that. If you want more of one product what I usually do is purchase four one day and then more the next day to make sure that I can use all my coupons.

The coupons will only double to the price of the item to get the item for free no overages. Here is an example of what I mean: if the product you are purchasing is $1.40 and you have a .80 off coupon the coupon will only double to $1.40 to make the product free. You will not be able to get the coupon to double to $1.60 to get .20 overage.

Anything over .99 will stay at face value and will not double.

Price Chopper Dollar Doublers 101

Every so often Price Chopper will release Dollar Doublers, these are coupons that double coupons up to a $1! These coupons are usually found either in the Sunday newspaper and sometimes online to print out. I know a cent usually doesn’t make a lot of difference but this time it is a huge difference because $1 coupons are a lot more likely to be released then a $0.99 off coupon, look how many dollar off coupons you have compared to a .99 off coupon. I love the coupon dollar doublers because instead of a $1 off coupon only being a dollar now they will be worth $2.

When these dollar doublers are released there is always fine print that you need to be sure to read prior to using. Sometimes the doublers will specify an minimum amount you have to spend to use the coupon doublers. There will be a limit to the amount of dollar doublers that you can use per day, sometimes there will be 2 coupon doublers and some 4 dollar doublers. Just be sure to read that print prior to using so you know exactly what you can do and what you cannot do.

To avoid confusion dollar doublers do not void or negate out their everyday practice of doubling coupons less then .99! There is no limit on the amount of coupons that will be doubled per transaction other then the four like coupons rule. For example if you have four .50 off coupons, four $1 off coupons and four dollar doublers the .50 coupons will double to $1 off and the dollar doublers will make the $1 coupons $2. You can still double coupons up to .99 and dollar off coupons!

You must have the dollar doublers to be able to double your $1 Manufacturer Coupons during these special periods. They do not have them in store neither at customer service, cash registers, or even with the weekly ads. The only way you will be able to get these coupons is out of the Sunday Paper (that they sell all week in store) or sometimes the coupons are available for printing on Price Chopper’s website.

Price Chopper dollar doublers only apply to manufacturer’s coupons. These do not apply to competitor coupons or Price Chopper coupons.

Price Chopper dollar doublers will only work on a ONE dollar manufacturer coupon, if you have a .55 off coupon it will not make that coupon $2 it will only be $1.10. You must have as many doublers as you want doubled, if you want four $1 coupons doubled you MUST have 4 dollar doublers. The coupons can not be reproduced, meaning they can not be photo copied.

Remember that you will only get the product for free, you will not get any overages. For example the product is $1.80 you have a $1 off one coupon and a dollar doubler the coupons will only double up to $1.80 so you would get the coupon for free!

Example of a great deal with Dollar Doubler

Gallon of SnapTea is priced at $2.79

Use <-go here and use zip code 77477 (if you can’t find it) and look under beverages, print it out

Use one Price Chopper doubler (find in Sunday paper)

Hand the cashier Price Chopper doubler first then manufacturer’s coupons, you always want the doubler with the coupon that you want doubled to $2.

Final Price would be $0.79

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