Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Did you know that Black Friday is one of my favorite days out of the year? That’s right, I am a crazy Black Friday Shopper!! It is the ONLY day out of the year when I get up super early (I am NOT a morning person and not a coffee drinker so this is HUGE for me) to head out to the stores armed with my mother and little sister to try to snag some amazing deals!  But I do have to admit that sometimes the sales are better BEFORE Black Friday. I compiled this list of tips to help you to save money and not to overspend on Black Friday!

Tip # 1: Know Your Pricing Before Shopping

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is hearing the hype of Black Friday and thinking just because it is Black Friday that this is the lowest price. Wrong! Stores have pretend sales to get you to think that its a great deal when it is actually not a good deal at all! 

You could think that you are getting this super HOT deal only to find out that 2 days earlier it was even cheaper. Something I do is write down all the products that I want to buy for presents and do a little research to find out what the regular prices are. Once you know your pricing, check each ad for that particular product to see who has it and at what prices!

Tip Number 2: Be Prepared!

I always pick up my newspaper the day ahead on Thanksgiving morning with all the ads so that I can make my Black Friday shopping plan!  I first go over each ad to see what stores have sales that I want plus the times of the sale. This is important to plan out your trip because you need to know what times the sales are because once that sale time is over the pricing changes, if you did not plan your trip out you may miss out on a sale that you wanted.

Tip Number 3: Have your sales ads with you

Bring your sales ads with you so you know exactly what the product looks like before going to the store. Some stores even let you price match other stores ads. (Be sure to read their coupon policy on Black Friday specials)

Tip Number 4: Stock of store

A lot of times you can find the early bird items tossed in different sections of the store, especially around the Price Checkers and cash out lines. Some people decide at the last minute that they no longer want a specific product after loading their carts full and realizing their budget just doesnt call for it.

Tip Number 5: A HAVE to HAVE Gift

Did you know that some of those deals you can get right online? If you do not think the store will have enough stock order it online! We have done this if we are unable to get a product in store that we really wanted we just went online and ordered it for the same price! Don’t forget you can save money online ordering by using Ebates, where you earn cash back on your purchases!

Tip Number 6: Coupons

Use coupons on Black Friday. You can find coupons for stores that you are going to be going to by signing up for their email newsletter or even just going to their websites. Get the hottest prices and then use a coupon for even more savings!

Tip Number 7: Dress comfortably

Wear sneakers and comfy clothes. It is a lot of walking, if you plan to do a lot of shopping. By the end of the day I am so exhausted I am very thankful to have my trusty sneaks on!

Tip Number 8: Safety

Be safe, keep your purses next to you and if possible leave the purse at home. I always just bring a small wallet that will fit in my pocket so I do not have to worry about getting my purse snatched up or me leaving it somewheres (YES that has happened!) Another safety tip I abide by is bringing a blanket with me in the car so that I can cover up all my packages. You never know if someone is just walking around the parking lots checking cars to see what they can snatch. Out of site out of mind.

Tip Number 9: Have Fun

I always go with my sister, my mom or a friend. It makes it so much fun, to us its tradition, go shopping and meet for brunch at Ihop (make reservations always long wait!)


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  1. Nicole Dillon says:

    Budget, budget, budget. It’s easy to go overboard on the great deals but it’s not such a good deal if you blow your credit cards and end up paying all the interest and everything! I do shop Black Friday, but I set my budget and then pick the best deals that I can within that budget. I also keep a list of second-best if I can’t get my first picks so I’m not sitting in the store trying to figure out what to buy instead.

  2. Samantha Penird says:

    Bring food and drinks with you and if you’ve been up and don’t think you’ll have enough energy, then get some energy drinks or energy shots (like 5 hour energy). I found myself starving halfway through shopping, so definitely bring some food and be sure to hit the bathroom when leaving stores because the next store you go to may have a line and won’t be open for a while, not a great place to be when you have to “go”.

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