$5 off $25 purchase at Family Dollar!!

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Print this awesome $5 off a $25 purchase at Family Dollar this week! This coupon is valid until Thursday June 27th, 2013. Print now!!

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  1. Isalene says:

    From the coupon
    You had out from june 22- to june 27
    I went every day and not 1 time could they get mine coupon to take
    So question why do you put out coupons that don`t work
    so by going everyday to cash in my 5.00 coupon I did not get an I purchase over $30.00 each time.
    So all together I lost $30.00
    So the next time you put out coupons make sure they work.
    Also the coupons the in- store coupons you have in your ad will not work with a manufacturer`s.
    May I ask why.
    I do a lot of shopping for the needed and shelters and need the coupons.
    But let me say`s the store ladys .Did everything to get the coupons to take but they could not.
    very sweet pp in Harmony NC and Statesville love them all
    Isalene G Jordan
    161 Grose Street Harmony NC
    Thanks for the money I do save
    You just help me help someone eles
    and the things I get 80% of it comes from the Family Dollar Store
    the other 10% comes from the Dollar General also in Harmony.
    Your sales are better .

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